Health Insurance

Critical IllnessIf you’re lucky, you have probably never heard of Critical Illness Insurance. Many people believe that big health emergencies, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke only happen to other people. Do you realize that you are also “other people” to someone else?


Did you know that you are not fully protected with a standard health insurance plan that you may have from your employer?


When a you are diagnosed with a big health emergency, life does not pause for you to recover. Your debts will not pause, your mortgage will not pause. To be realistic, your standard of living will most likely be low because you may not be able to work at the same level of standard as you can while you were healthy.


Critical Illness Insurance insurance can pay for costs not covered by traditional health insurance plans. It can be used to cover non-medical costs such as transportation and child care.


Long Term Care (LTC)Long-Term Care Insurance provides nursing-home care, home-health care, personal or adult day care for individuals with chronic or disabling condition that needs constant supervision. LTC insurance offers more flexibility and options than many public assistance programs.


Long-term care is usually quite expensive and many individuals may not have or are not able to rely on children or family members for support. LTC insurance can cover expenses for a visiting or live-in caregiver, companion, housekeeper, therapist or private nurse.


Disability During your life, many unexpected events may occur and many of them maybe unpredictable. Disability insurance will help protect your income when you become disabled and cannot work.